I am so excited to be here with you! For more than 20 years I have been motivating and guiding people to heal their life — to live their best life — to be authentic. I believe the more I can teach about the simplicity of healing, the better I do my job. The more I can help you understand simple things you can do to support your healing process, the more empowered you will become.

I’ve created a short video message for you.


Each month our Healthy Habits Community will focus on a specific topic —- and discuss various aspects of the topic each week (physical, emotional, mental, energetic).

Healthy Habits Community Topics 2016
January — Easy Peasy Manifesting
February — Making Self-love a Habit: How to Deeply Love Yourself
March — How Spring Reminds Us that Everything We Do Matters
April — Don’t Keep Fooling Yourself!
A month dedicated to exploring how greatly you are loved.
May — Stepping Into Our Greatness
June — Summers Gifts that Bring Healing
July — How to Break Old Habits Easily
August — How to Keep Your Cool
(Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally)
September — WHY Physically Detoxing is Important
… and some easy, painless detox tips that will get profound results.
October — HOW TO LET GO of all your baggage in a few easy steps!
November — Simple Ideas to Create a Quality Holiday Season
December — Creating a Grateful Holiday Season

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I am beyond excited to be able to offer the Healthy Habits Community to you. As a member of our Healthy Habits Community — we will share recipes, our stories, parts of our day, our opinions, our concerns — whatever is happening with us. Community and being validated is such an important part of our healing process!

As a member, you will receive access to our, to YOUR, private Community!

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